Your Business is Too Important...

to have hyped-up-mirage-content that no one wants to read let alone remember.

Solution: Copy written using voice of customer data and direct sales strategy to communicate, connect and build rapport with your soon-to-be customers.

—The kind of copy I specialize in.—

I’ve been called

  • a secret weapon of an agency,
  • word-magic worker, and
  • right-hand-copy person.

But I’ve always just been someone who values the time of the reader/consumer and wants to make people smile with words.

So, I’ve setteled for the title-


Research Junky and Anthropology graduate writing conversion-focused copy for online businesses. 

Check out my cool certificated that I earned by working hard and practicing in real projects. (Click on the badges to see what they teach in the training that make me the perfect person for your project.)

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My biggest inspirations and influences are Gary Helbert and David Ogilvy.


As well as Joanna Wiebe and Andre Chaperon (a few of many who are shaping the modern-day copywriting world.)

I use the conversion copywriting process to write copy that leaves no room for the confusion but has plenty of grabs to pursue people to take action.

The kind of copy that makes you more profit.



Freelance Copywriter

2014 – Present

Have served more than 100 entrepreneurs & business owners with various content/ copy needs.

Website, emails, blog content, sales page, landing page, Facebook ad, social media copy, email copy and so on.

Rescue My Launch Agency

2019 – 2020

Brand, Social & Digital Framing and composing narratives for brands
Recent successful projects:

  • $24k campaign for a Yoga Studio.
  • $12k launch for a coaching business.


MSS in Anthropology

University of Dhaka

2019 – 2020

BSS in Anthropology

University of Dhaka

2019 – 2020


Voice of Customer Data Research
My strongpoint 🙂 82%
Amplifying Company Voice
Can mirror almost any voice or tone. 85%
Website/ Sales/ Landing Page
Love developing & writing them 89%
Blog/ Business Marketing Copy
Started my freelance career writing them. 80%
Press release/ social media copy
I could do it, but won't enjoy it. 65%
Collaborating with Editors/ other experts
Dying to learn from experts. 100%


“Nothing short of exceptional right from the beginning…”

“Fatama has been amazing to work with. She helped me advertise and market for a client and the ROI from the campaigns has been nothing short of exceptional right from the beginning. Not only that but everytime I work with her I can’t believe her meticulous attention to detail.”

Kyle Brand

Founder & Head of
Growth at Integrated Outreach

“Blog posts are ranking well on Google, because of Fatama.”

“Fatama is very organised and dedicated writer. Her conversational and actionable writing style resonated very well with our target market. Plus our blog posts are ranking well on Google, because of Fatama. Hire Fatama for SEO friendly and engaging content…”

Fabricio Schaffrath

Founder of Reflexstudio

“You turned my stories into magic.”

“Fatama is amazing. OMG! I kinda wanted to cry reading the copy she wrote for me. she turned my stories into magic. Love it. I know my audience will appreciate your copy like I do.”

Ana Luiza Rangel

Founder of Ana luiza Rangel coaching

“Can’t begin to explain how happy I’m…”

“I can’t begin to explain how happy I’m with my new gorgeous website. I’ve built my site like 6 different platforms and you woderfully captured who I am, what I was looking for and you made it! I wish I had started with you all those years ago.”

Contessa Akin

Truama and Mindset Coach

Writing Samples

Sales Page for Fitness Challenge
Sales page for Mindset Mastery Workshop
Sales Page for a small ticket offer (Manifesting niche)
Home page for a Trauma Coach
Sales Page for Coaching Program
Landing Page for a Marketing Agency
Sales Page for a Self-liquidating Offer (Self-love Niche)
Landing page for a Marketing Masterclass
Landing page for a Parenting Coach

Few additional things that often come up

So, you’re based in a third world are we going to overcome the time difference?

— That’s a biggie.

Yes! I’m well aware of that. Well, for most of the clients I’ve worked with it kinda worked as an advantage for me.

Most of the time I’m (from Bangladesh) 6-10 hours ahead of my clients.

So our collaboration looks something like this- I finish the work and go to sleep, my clients wakes up and I’m first one they hear from.

That’s the magic of remote work.

Of course I’ll make sure to be present team meetings ( even if that’s on my off hours).

Can you speak English?

— Yes.

I got 7.5 in my IELTS Score; the number that you didn’t asked for. 😄

I may not become a TEDx speaker anytime soon but I do get things done. 🙂

What tools are you comfortable using?

— Being a self taught freelancer, I know my way around most tools.

Writing & collab tools like- google doc, google sheet, slides, figma, slack, airstory etc.

Project managment tools- trello, basecamp, airtable, click up etc.

Design tools- photoshop, illustrator, premire pro, canva etc.

CMS- wordpress, squarespace, wix, webflow.

CRM- hubspot.

Email marketing: mailchimp, mailer lite, sendinblue, active campign, convertikit etc.

Plus…I know I can adapt to new tools too.

Why you?

— why not me?

Yes, I’m being cute.

I know I can’t beat native copywriter with marketing, English and copy writing background.

I’ve got a different strategy. I plan to make my mark in the industry with my work ethic and integrity. That’s my goal.

I don’t want attention. I just want to get paid to write cool stuff.

My ultimate goal is to build a service based business that solve problems for “the next big thing” businesses.

If you’re looking for the right-hand-copy person for your business then you’re in the right place. I’m the gal for you.

How do you work?

— Thank you for asking that. yes! usually it looks like this.

Contract sign > kick off meeting > Questionnaire > first draft > revision > polish > handover

That’s all there to it. I’ve nailed down my process.

Based of the project I tell you what I need and what will happen next every step of the way.

Full Time or Part Time or Contract?

— Love the contract based projects.

But I’m always looking for my dream projects/ clients/ jobs. Type of work doesn’t matter.

Contact Info

Email: [email protected]

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